The new Golf GTE

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The plug-in-hybrid. Drive with electricity. Drive with petrol.

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Scrappage Upgrade Scheme

Save up to £7,500* off the new Golf GTE. Now that really is economical driving.

*£5,000 Volkswagen Scrappage Upgrade Scheme, £2,500 for Plug-in vehicle grant.
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A closer look at the new Golf GTE

Beautifully designed, technologically advanced. Discover almost everything worth knowing about the new Golf GTE; power at the push of a button.
Golf GTE mode

GTE Mode

The special button: simply press the GTE button in your Golf GTE and enjoy maximum performance in an instant. Maximum fun factor, too. In GTE mode the petrol engine and battery power combined produces 204PS.
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You drive with electricity in the city, use both power units when overtaking on country roads, and the TSI engine then increases the range on long trips. The powerful hybrid drive combines a turbocharged petrol engine with a high-torque electric motor. Together they unite dynamics and economy.
charging management

Charging Management

Why fuel with petrol when electricity is cheaper? A plug-in hybrid has the option of charging the battery for the electric motor with an external power supply. The energy stored in the lithium-ion battery gives you a maximum range of up to 30 miles (NEDC).**.
Golf GTE dual clutch gearbox

Dual-Clutch Gearbox

The dual clutch gearbox (DSG) enables you to shift gears without interrupting traction. It combines the advantages of manual and automatic gearboxes and can contribute to reducing fuel consumption.
Golf GTE wheels


Understatement or show – which do you prefer? With two variants on the new Golf GTE you can decide which variant you want but whichever you choose you will always arrive in style.
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Whether you need to make a call while driving, require current traffic information, want to reach your destination using the navigation system or simply want to listen to your own music – your Golf GTE offers various possibilities for using modern technology easily and in an uncomplicated way.
infotainment 288x220


In your new Golf GTE, you decide what’s on. The standard Composition Media radio comes with matching speakers, intuitive controls and plenty of connection options.
navigation 288x220


The two optional navigation systems offer a wealth of innovative functions and leave virtually nothing to be desired. They will make sure you stay on course and enjoy the best of entertainment.
Golf GTE Car Net


Car-Net: it’s the Volkswagen way of having the Internet in your car. Car-Net features a range of practical services and helpful apps. These even make it possible to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Golf GTE.
Golf GTE phone calls

Phone calls

Speak your mind – but please keep both hands on the wheel as you do so. The new Golf GTE offers you the choice of two convenient, optional mobile phone interfaces.
navigation 585x360

GTE Advance

The GTE Advance comes with even more features including the Discover Navigation touch-screen navigation/radio system with Car-Net ‘Guide and Inform’. Building upon the impressive Composition Media system found in the GTE, the additional features enable you to easily manage not only your music, but also navigation data and a broad range of vehicle information.
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Driver Assistance

The intelligent driver assistance systems in your Golf GTE ensure more driving comfort, and can help you deal with critical situations very well, or even avoid them. Even if you only notice this technology on rare occasions, it feels good to know that it is there.
front assist acc 288x220 v2

Front Assist and ACC

With adaptive cruise control (ACC) as standard, you can be more relaxed on the road. The Front Assist area monitoring system includes City Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring.
traffic jam assist emergency assist 288x220 v2

Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist

The optional Traffic Jam Assist system supports you in nerve-racking stop-and-go traffic and can help you avoid typical traffic jam collisions. The optional Emergency Assist system can detect when the driver is no longer able to drive, and takes on semi-automatic control of the vehicle.
park assist 228x220

Park Assist

Are you still doing all the parking yourself? The optional Park Assist system can save you cranking the steering wheel, and make it easier to find a parking space. Ultrasound sensors can determine whether your Golf GTE will fit into a space.
blind spot sensor GTE 288x220

Blind Spot Sensor

As you drive, the optional Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert warns you, within the limits of the system, about vehicles in your blind spot. It monitors the areas to the side and rear of your car as you reverse out of a parking space.


Make yourself comfortable in your Golf GTE. Its extensive basic equipment, the uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.
GTE Generic

GTE Sound

Who said a hybrid has to be quiet? Press the GTE button and convince yourself and others of the opposite.
Golf GTE vienna leather interior

Vienna Leather Equipment

Create your own personal comfort zone: the high-quality, smooth optional Vienna leather equipment with comfortable seats for the driver and front passenger creates a top-class ambience.
Golf GTE Active Info Display

Active Info Display

The GTE is at the forefront of in car technology. Done away with the analogue tacho, the GTE has a high resolution interactive digital display. The innovative Active Info Display instrument cluster can give you information far beyond your speed and fuel levels.
Golf GTE seats

GTE Advance

The GTE Advance comes with even more features as standard, including heated front seats and a front centre armrest with storage compartment. Adding even more comfort to your drive.
Fuel consumption Golf GTE, mpg: combined –156.9 - 166.2; power consumption, kWh/100 km: combined 12,0 - 11,5; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 40 - 38; efficiency class: A+.