From £21,140*

*including Plug-in car grant

The future is electric

The new e-up is ready to drive you into the future of motoring

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Electric is here to stay

Embrace the future of motoring with the new e-up!. Compact, all-electric and perfect for city driving, the e-up! creates zero emissions while the car is moving. Not only is it great for the environment, it’s also fun to drive. Achieving 0-62mph in just 12.4 seconds, and with a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge*, the e-up! is your ideal everyday runaround.

Go the distance

Wondering whether the new e-up! will get you from A to B? You can be confident that with just one charge, you’re ready to roll.
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Up to 99 miles on a single charge*

One charge, 99 miles. The e-up!’s impressive range makes it perfect for day to day driving.
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Fully charged in the blink of an eye

Charging the new e-up! is quicker than you think. A public high-speed DC charging station takes just 30 mins, while an at-home wall box gets the job done in 6 hours. So you can fully charge your car while you’re doing your weekly shop, or overnight when you’re at home.
Learn about charging times
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Home and away

It’s easy to charge your e-Up!. The Combined Charging System (CCS) gives you two types of plug, so you can charge your car in the comfort of your own home using either a domestic mains socket or a super-speedy wall box. When you’re out and about, you can use a public charging station.
Discover ways to charge
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Find your nearest charging station using ZapMap

With thousands of charging points across the UK and hundreds more being added every month, there are plenty of places to charge your car when you’re out and about. Check out Zap-Map to find the charging points near you.
Find charging stations

Electrifying performance

Small size. Big performance.

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Leading the way in electric technology

The new e-up! makes pioneering technologies accessible to everyone. Which means you can look forward to driving a technically refined, ground-breaking electric car that’s ideal for everyday use, built with high levels of quality and comfort as standard. Then again, it’s a Volkswagen. What else would you expect?
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An advanced battery that gives you extra room to boot

We’re so confident that the sophisticated battery in the e-up! will go the distance that we give you an 8-year/99,360 mile guarantee as standard. In conjunction with the sophisticated drive system, you get 82 PS maximum output and 210 Nm of torque. Even better, the battery is positioned under the seats: this protects it from impact, and also maximizes boot space.
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Make the most of your energy

When a car brakes, it normally loses energy. Thanks to its recuperation technology, the e-up! takes this energy and uses it to power the battery, so you recharge the car every time you brake. You can choose from four different, easy-to-activate recuperation modes to make sure you have optimal brake energy recovery.
Find out about recuperation technology

As connected as you are

You’re used to using your smartphone to manage your life. Now you can use it to manage your car, too.
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Helping you drive more efficiently

‘Think Blue. Trainer.’ is an app that acts like your own personal driving coach. It analyses your accelerating and braking characteristics, and lets you know how you can drive more efficiently. If you want to see how you’re doing, you can use ‘Maps + More’ to show you a visualisation of your energy flow and recuperation statistics – great for at-a-glance checks while you drive. You can also use the e-Manager to optimise your car’s settings. Simply tell it when you want to leave, how much cargo you’re carrying and what air-conditioning setting you’d like, and the e-up! will adapt itself to your journey.
Learn more about Maps + More.
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Everything you want, at your fingertips

You want to use your phone to navigate? ‘Maps + More’ takes care of that with 2D or 3D hands-free guidance via TomTom. How about connecting your phone contacts and music to your e-up!? Yep, that’s covered too, and the handy handwriting recognition function makes it easy. And you can stay connected while you’re away from your car. Use the app to find where you parked, remotely check the outside temperature, activate the climate control air conditioning before you reach the car, monitor your charge levels and even start or stop charging. That’s just the beginning. You can explore the full range of smartphone services on our Car-Net page.
Discover Car-Net

Here’s a plug for technology

An electric motor. An electronic interior. We’ve packed technology into the e-up!, both inside and out.
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Chart-topping entertainment

You’ll never be bored in the e-up!. The Composition Colour system features a 5-inch colour touch-screen, an AUX-in connection for devices like your iPod or MP3 player, a DAB digital radio receiver, SD card reader, music playback from MP3, WMA and AAC files, USB connectivity and six speakers in the front and rear. If you’d rather talk than listen, you can use the Bluetooth telephone and audio connection to make calls to friends and family*.
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A helping hand when you need it most

The e-up! helps you feel a little safer in difficult situations. The City Emergency Braking feature uses a sensor to monitor the car in front, and steps in to apply the brakes if it predicts that a collision is likely. One less thing to worry about.
Learn about City Emergency Braking
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Easy as a walk in the park

Take the stress out of parking in tight spaces. Rear Parking Sensors make a sound to let you know when you’re close to an obstacle, helping you to judge how far away you are. Even better, a rear view camera shows you exactly what’s behind you on the e-up!’s Composition Colour display.
Learn about parking systems

Sophistication inside and out

An interior designed with you in mind, and an exterior that delights in details. There’s a lot to love about the new e-up!.
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Looks as good as it feels

You might not expect much luxury in the new e-up!. But you’d be wrong. From the leather trimmed three-spoke steering wheel to the gear knob gaiter, handbrake grip and ‘Sharkskin’ dashpad, high-quality craftsmanship surrounds you. If that doesn’t impress you, the heated front seats with three individual temperature settings will do.
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Finishing touches make all the difference

You’ll be proud to own the new e-up!. So we’ve added understated, sophisticated styling features that make it uniquely recognisable. A blue and chrome strip below the bonnet lip, signature ‘C’ lights around the door handles and stylish 15-inch ‘Tezzle’ alloy wheels add the perfect finishing touch.