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Body Repair

The Accident Specialists

At Volkswagen we want to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, no matter how small, your Volkswagen is repaired to Volkswagen standards, by a Volkswagen Accident Specialist using only Volkswagen approved repair techniques and tools.

Using a Volkswagen Approved Repairer

Insurance claims - it's your choice

In the event of an accident, your insurance company may try to send you to one of their insurance approved shops, where they may not use genuine repair methods. However, you have a choice where your vehicle is repaired, so why not choose the experts trained by Volkswagen? Ask your insurer to have your Volkswagen repaired at one of our approved Accident Specialists - It’s your choice.

Minor damage

Some accidents will only result in minor damage and you might not want to claim on your insurance. Volkswagen Accident Specialists can offer a range of repair services; you will be surprised at how competitive our prices are and what it costs to have a genuine Volkswagen repair.


Our approved network of Accident Specialists:

  • Meet Volkswagen’s exacting standards ensuring our customers always receive the quality of service and workmanship you would expect.
  • Carry out all repairs using Volkswagen approved tools and equipment.
  • Will only use Volkswagen approved repair techniques and methods.
  • All repairs will be carried out by Volkswagen trained technicians.


Ensurance is Volkswagen’s accident and repair cover, which comes at no extra cost and works alongside your main motor insurance policy to ensure your Volkswagen is repaired using only genuine parts, approved paints and Volkswagen repair methods. All you need to do is sign up and call us in the event of an accident and we will do the rest.

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Volkswagen Insurance

Volkswagen insurance guarantees that only genuine parts are fitted using genuine repair methods to ensure that your car is returned to you as if the incident had never happened. Repairs are undertaken by approved technicians who are equipped to return your car to factory specifications.

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Retailer locator

To get a quote or discuss any accident repair requirements contact your nearest Volkswagen Retailer.

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My Volkswagen App

Helps you manage ownership
and maintenance of your car.