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Helps you manage ownership
and maintenance of your car.

Areas we cover and why

No-one knows your Volkswagen better than we do. So you can relax when your car is in for service, maintenance or repair, knowing it’s in the safe hands of experts who have the latest Volkswagen training and access to our advanced tools and technology.

Why do I need this?

It's the law. The Ministry of Transport requires all vehicles to meet a minimum safety standard.

What happens if I don't have an MOT test?

It's illegal to drive your car without a valid MOT test certificate. You can be fined and get points on your license. Without a regular safety check you could be driving around in a car that's a risk to you and other road users. If you had an accident, your insurance policy for the car could be void.

What do we do?

We give your car the care and expertise of a Volkswagen Authorised Repairer for the standard MOT test fee you would pay at any other MOT test centre. If your car needs any further work to pass the test, we'll ask you first. Any parts we use will have a 2-year parts and labour warranty on parts fitted after the manufacturer's warranty has expired*.
*Excludes wear and tear items.

How often do I need an MOT test?

Every year, once your car is 3 years old.

Benefits of having an MOT test

1.  Peace of mind knowing your car has been checked by a trained technician as safe and legal to drive

2.  Special offer price with our Fixed Price Servicing for Volkswagens 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0-litre engines.

My Volkswagen App

Helps you manage ownership
and maintenance of your car.