RNS 310 - 315 Guides you on your way quickly and efficiently

Enjoy a trouble-free drive to your destination with the RNS 310/315 CD-based navigation system.

You'll find your way easily when driving in unfamiliar locations with the help of the RNS 310/315 touch-screen navigation/radio system.

With a clear 5-inch colour screen displaying a map of your route, and touch-screen operation, there are no more worries about losing your way or running into unexpected traffic jams. The system will guide you to your destination with voice prompts and maps, using all but the last 2 digits of a UK postcode.

Traffic warnings

The system will warn you of any traffic problems and divert you to a better, faster route if one is available. The split screen displays both map and additional useful information for extra clarity.

And there's no need to stop the music while you're following your route - the Navigation data can be copied on to the SD card so that the CD player is kept free for playing your music. Alternatively you can plug your MP3 player into the AUX-in socket for music on the move.

Satellite navigation updates

The satellite navigation systems installed in the Volkswagen vehicles will need updating periodically. The update process is simple and relatively quick* depending on the system fitted to your vehicle. Pop along to your local retailer and enjoy a coffee whilst we update your navigation system.

* Navigation updates are available on SD cards, DVD’s or updated via the workshop equipment. Update process and time will vary depending on the system fitted to your vehicle.