Tyres and flat tyres indicator Tyre checking and repair systems to keep you on the road

Tyres and flat tyres indicator

From tyre pressure monitoring systems to run-flat tyres we've come up with an array of ideas to keep you safely on the road - even when the unexpected happens.

Tyre Monitoring Indicator

Helps you keep a check on tyre pressure. It works via the ABS wheel-speed sensors. They sense when tyre pressure drops, because the wheel roll is reduced and it turns more quickly at the same car speed. The system checks your tyres constantly, keeping you safer. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure also helps your tyres last longer and cuts fuel consumption, saving you money at the pumps.

Electronic Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tells you your tyre pressure, via your instrument panel, before you set off and during every journey. Sensors in each wheel (including the spare wheel) and the wheel electronics send radio signals to a control unit with information about tyre pressure and temperature. As each unit has its own code you can easily tell which wheel is affected. If tyre pressure is too low, or there's a sudden loss of pressure, the driver is warned by visual and/or acoustic signals. This constant monitoring offers you a high level of safety.

Although the system is a great help, it is still the driver's responsibility to make sure the correct tyre pressure is maintained.

Tyre mobility set.

This tyre repair kit lets the driver make temporary repairs to small punctures quickly and easily. It includes sealant and a 12-volt compressor to inflate the tyre. It also means you don't need a spare wheel - saving you weight in the car, helping lower fuel consumption and CO2 as well as giving you extra storage space.


Gives you peace of mind. If you get a small puncture from a nail or anything that's about 5mm long, ContiSeal actually seals the puncture in the tread area of the tyre.

Impressive, we think. It's a brand new, innovative technology designed to prevent those emergency roadside changes.

How does it work? A sticky, viscous layer covers the inside of the tread from shoulder to shoulder. If an object penetrates this layer (like a nail, for example), it simply traps the air inside. Even if that nail moves, ContiSeal will seal the hole and prevent air loss. See, no stress.

You'll recognise the ContiSeal tyres by the nail symbol on the sidewall of the tyre.

*This technology is currently only available on Volkswagen CC and Sharan models.